Why would this seasoned pilot, The pinnacle of basic safety in the airline, make such a rash and irresponsible decision?

She were among the the main to leap and approximately Absolutely everyone at the rear of her landed on top of her whenever they jumped."

The airport was (as a consequence of rerouting within the bomb menace) pressured to support a large number of huge aircraft, leading to disruption of the traditional usage of taxiways.

Once they designed the announcement that we weren't heading to have the ability to land, proper then, at Las Palmas, largely I had been annoyed because it had been a really long excursion, and I used to be weary, and time alterations and this Which, so I assume I might say the MR KLM B CAPTAIN VAN ZANTEN chief experience was frustration and unhappiness that we could not straight away disembark.

He considered in partnership, into the extent that he insisted on his first officers addressing him throughout flight as «Jaap» instead of MR KLM B CAPTAIN VAN ZANTEN «Captain van Zanten».[3]

Having off on the only runway of the airport, the KLM flight crashed into your Pan MR KLM B CAPTAIN VAN ZANTEN Am plane taxiing in the alternative way of the identical runway

Back again taxiing is done all the time in aviation. there's nothing specially unsafe, challenging or Weird over it. Where you'll find taxiway problems, and you have to make use of the runway to place an airplane, that is the standard way to do it.

It truly is from this minute that we know, with the voice and knowledge recorders in equally planes and with the tower recorder, what precisely transpired. The tower now confirms that visibility has dropped to 500 meters.

Friends that journey, I convey to them, "ensure that you know exactly where your exit is. ensure you read everything things. learn how to get out from the airplane." I imply People are essential factors.

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The engineer and I went out beneath the best wing and, essentially, stepped off the distance in between our wingtip as well as the KLM 747's wingtip, and we were 12 ft wanting being able to taxi conveniently round the airplane.

We turned our chart about and it claimed, "RVR MR KLM B CAPTAIN VAN ZANTEN least 700 meters visibility." So we assumed that with him just providing us five hundred meters, we could not consider off.

He might have been braver by telling his business that MR KLM B CAPTAIN VAN ZANTEN he and his passengers are examining into a lodge for that night despite the expense.

Twenty minutes right after landing, Van Zanten acquired term from the tower that he must Permit his travellers off: it looked like they might be here for a while.

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